universal smartphone holder

MicroREC universal phone holder 

Enjoy seamless microscopy imaging recording with a universal smartphone holder. It allows attaching any phone to a MicroREC, using a few phones without purchasing additional holders, sharing one MicroREC with colleagues, and constantly improving image quality by upgrading phones at any moment.

Compatibility: any phone model
Delivery: in stock
Warranty: 14-days “no questions asked” return period and 2-year warranty from manufacturing issues

About the product

No need to think in advance what smartphone model you plan to use with a MicroREC. Now we offer a universal smartphone holder that allows connecting any smartphone for microscopy imaging recording or change phones when needed. Due to efficient design, the holder fixes a phone firmly, and an adjustable adapter can fit your camera properly.

Now you can:

  • attach literally any smartphone to a MicroREC in a matter of minutes and start capturing microscopy imaging instantly
  • change phones at any moment or use a few phones with one MicroREC without purchasing additional holders or cases
  • share your MicroREC with colleagues who have different smartphone models

    The universal smartphone holder is a complementary product to a MicroREC and it doesn’t work as an independent phone microscope adapter.

    Easy to install

    Enjoy the seamless process of installation which requires just a few minutes

    Compatible with all smartphones

    Our universal smartphone holder works with any smartphone model out there

    2-Year Warranty

    Our products are backed with a 2-year warranty and a 14-days no-questions-asked return period

    Produced in Germany

    All parts of our microscopy imaging solutions are designed and produced in Germany

    What’s inside the box

    A universal smartphone holder for MicroREC, consisting of a sticker, eyepiece adapter, and O-Ring for distance spacing.


    • iPhone 6 and above, iPhone SE & iPhone Pro
    • Samsung Galaxy & Samsung Galaxy Note
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note & Xiaomy Redmi
    • OnePlus
    • Google Pixel
    • Any other smartphone in the market

    Install it in a few steps

    1. Paste the QuadLock Universal Sticker into the back of your phone case approximately 3 cm below the camera

    2. Insert and lock the Universal Holder into the Universal Sticker

    3.  Align and center the Universal Holder Arm with the camera of the phone. Tighten the knob to hold it in place


    4.  Unscrew the cap from the coupler. Insert the Coupler in the Universal Tube, then twist it to lock it.

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