customizable components for The optical system that integrates your microscopic procedures with your smartphone

System Components for MicroREC ClickNFit






Each MicroREC ClickNFit order is individually put together to include the specific microscope attachment model and the specific phone case model that exactly match your devices.

Thanks to the ClickNFit design with modular components, when you decide to change one of your devices, you only need to replace the corresponding MicroREC ClickNfit system component (phone case / microscope attachment), and not the entire system.

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Custom Smartphone Cases Compatibility


When you decide to change your smartphone, you need to replace only the smartphone case in the MicroREC ClickNFit to continue using it. You can order an individual smartphone case for any of the models listed below:

Samsung S6, Samsung S9, Samsung S8+/S9+, Samsung S10, Samsung S10e, Samsung Note 8, Samsung Note 9

iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7+/8+, iPhone X/XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone11 Pro Max

Custom Microscope Attachments (adaptors) Compatibility

MicroREC ClickNFit can be used with ophthalmology surgery equipment and slit lamps that include a beam splitter from almost all brands on the market.

If you are working with multiple microscope brands, you can order an interchangeable corresponding microscope attachment for each brand, and replace it in the MicroREC ClickNFit system when needed.

✓ Zeiss

✓ Leica

✓ Luxor

✓ Moller-Wedel


✓ Tagaki

✓ Haag-Streit

✓ Topcon


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BELGIUM – LAMERIS  –    +31 30 600 8711

BRAZIL – JPZ TRADE  –  Patricia Rodrigues   |   +55 11 99133-5455

CHILE  – INSPIRE MEDICAL  –  Pierre Saldivar   |   (+56 9) 6668 4610

ITALY – SIR OFTALMICA SRL –  Alberto Molteni   |  |  +39 3281808176

MEXICO –  COINDISSA  –    +56 94 445 7689

NETHERLANDS – LAMERIS  –   +31 30 600 8711

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