Micro3D – attachment to Leica microscopes for 3D video recording using smartphones


This Micro3D kit allows you to place 2 smartphones simultaneously on the microscope binoculars of a Leica microscope. You can record video simultaneously from both oculars and then create stereoscopic videos.

It works with Leica M844, M840, M820, M822, Proveo 8, M500, M620 and other Leica microscopes using the same oculars.

Example of video recorded with Micro3D

Micro3D is designed for 3D print technology. On the Buy product page you can choose the type of print material you want to use and price will vary accordingly.

Micro3D components:

Dimensions : 12.66 x 9.41

How to buy


To receive an offer for the Micro3D for Leica, please send us an email at info@customsurgical.de 

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