MedTech innovation for microscopy imaging on your phone

MedTech innovation for microscopy imaging on your phone

What is Custom Surgical?

Custom Surgical is the best ally for surgeons and innovative medical professionals.

We produce and sell medical devices integrated with smart software solutions that are being used in practices around the world.

We are also here to help you bring your ideas to life. Regardless of how difficult it might seem, we can help you digitize and prototype your designs.

Our expertise in engineering, design and additive manufacturing (3D printing) is our key to manufacturing surgical instruments and medical devices that make a real difference for medical professionals.

MicroREC ClickNFit


MicroREC ClickNFit gives you immediate access to the smartphone’s functionalities that can capture and enhance your microscopic procedures at the same time as performing them, without occupying any oculars.

MicroREC ClickNFit provides extraordinary results in medical imaging for microscopy, based on innovative engineering and high-quality German optics that correct chromatic and spherical aberration.

It can facilitate video recordings up to 4K included when connected with smartphone models that have this camera capability.

Our hardware solution comes with free access to the MicroREC App, which enables 90 degrees rotation, managing images and video files on your phone, and many other features.


Microscope attachment for capturing Stereoscopic video (3D Video).


Open source project that helps by keeping lens free of fogging during surgery.

 Initiated by Dr. David Kohn and Dr. Cristian Muñiz, this open-source project is meant to help medical professionals all around the world protect themselves from viruses while working in dangerous situations.

The 3D print designs have evolved starting with their initial concepts and now we can share with everyone the 3D models we have adapted to use as extensions to common snorkeling masks so that they could include 1 or 2 air filters for protection.

The designs can be customized depending on the size and specifics of any mask.

You can send us your suggestions or questions for the MedSHIELD-19 Mask Set at or you can print the proposed extensions with a 3D printer using the free models available

What ophthalmology professionals say 

I’ve used MicroREC in my office and in surgery. My opinion of MicroREC is that it’s an outstanding product. It’s an affordable, easy to use, portable system, which you can use to take outstanding videos, with your own smarthphones, easy to edit and put into presentations and for everyday use.

Dr. Juan Pablo Aparicio

Santa Ana Medical Center, Bogota

Very interesting project @customsurgical initiated by a very smart guy Federico Acosta! Simple device for recording surgeries with your smartphone (all common brands) in 4K! Quality is even superior to the one provided by the microscope companies. It could be a gamechanger especially in developing countries to provide support ‚online‘.

Dr. Martin Dirisamer

Smile Eyes Linz, Austria

The MicroREC system is a great addition to our performant equipment. There are 5 in our clinic and our team found them easy to use and very practical. They are a great addition for providing high standard medical care and documenting our surgeries.

Dr. Luis Escaf

Clinica Oftalmologica del Caribe, Barranquilla

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Discover the new ClickNFit Design!

Discover the new ClickNFit Design!

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