Creating and sharing surgical videos has become an important part of medical education especially under the rise of a pandemic that limits our interactions to the online world.

Even more, the restrictions of being together for training in the same operating room or labs have pushed doctors to adapt and use online tools in new creative ways. The virtual medical community has grown and has become more active than ever in times where social distancing is the new norm.

With smart innovative technologies like MicroREC ClickNFit, medical education for microscopy procedures can now be performed through webinars and private forums with live streaming and collaboration in real-time, accessed directly from the doctors’ smartphones.

MicroREC ClickNFit connects microscopes to smartphones and doctors can use the phone’s apps to join online events and share live the imaging captured at high-quality. The doctor capturing the imaging can share his phone’s screen and all participants in the online event can visualize the procedure.

* Image credit to OftalmoUniversity and Bioniko 

In webinars, this is especially beneficial for training purposes with tools like the Bioniko eyes for practice, as participants can interact with each other and with the trainer and discuss the techniques, ask questions or share their own approach.

An innovative concept has been developed in this manner by OftalmoUniversity, who created the blended hybrid education system where the physical and the online campus come together and hundreds of doctors worldwide have already joined via webinars.

When MicroREC ClickNFit is used to capture and stream imaging for a procedure with a live patient, the doctors can choose to mute all the participants in the webinar and reserve their interaction after the procedure.

Also, outside of webinars, doctors are now enjoying the possibility to stream live their surgeries with MicroREC ClickNFit from their phone directly on their social media accounts, through options like Instagram Live or Facebook Live.

Thanks to its innovative modular structure, MicroREC ClickNFit can be used with a wide range of smartphone models, also microscope and slit lamp models from the top brands on the market, and it can be installed and ready to use in under two minutes.

Besides the online streaming opportunities it offers, doctors are using MicroREC ClickNFit to record their microscopy procedures directly on their smartphones and take advantage of all the features of their apps to edit, share privately, or organize their work and upload to cloud storage, without having to rely on external devices or technicians to operate big recording systems attached to their microscopes.

The future of medical education is unfolding online with new accessible MedTech solutions that expand the use of the online connectivity and performing cameras offered by smartphones. With doctors worldwide coming together in the virtual space, we expect to see the medical digital revolution move at a higher speed than ever and enable new ways to promote excellence in healthcare in remote collaboration and knowledge sharing.