Why join Custom Surgical

At Custom Surgical, we create, manufacture and sell 3D printed medical systems for different healthcare needs. Our MedTech startup was founded in Germany in April of 2019. Since, we have successfully run our first Kickstarter campaign and we have reached over 23 countries with our first product, MicroREC.

We are further developing other projects that are already available or in progress to be launched in the near future. 

We are on a mission to bring innovative solutions to medicine in developing countries through our work and expertise in 3D printing, AI and healthcare. Get to know our team and skills here!

Remote work

Our team members can work fully remote, but you are welcome to join us in our Munich office anytime as well!

We are flexible to working across time zones and we focus more on getting results than on counting work hours.

Making an impact

It is extremely fulfilling to know the solutions we offer can help doctors and patients in developing countries, where resources are usually limited or too expensive.

Passion for innovation

We are Agile in the best of ways! And that means for us that we encourage new ideas and we adapt our workflow quickly to focus on those who can grow into innovative solutions.

Professional growth

As a startup company, we are in our infancy and we’re growing fast! The people who join us early on will be the ones that can grow professionally with us long term in key positions.

Current openings

Hiring at Custom Surgical
Hiring at Custom Surgical

Current openings

Hiring at Custom Surgical
Hiring at Custom Surgical

Want to join us in a different role?

Send us your resume at info+hr@customsurgical.de and let us know!

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