BEAMSPLITTER for the optical system that integrates your SLITLAMP procedures with your smartphone

BeamSplitter for MicroREC ClickNFit





This beamsplitter is designed with 3D print technology specifically to attach MicroREC ClickNFit to slitlamps that don’t have a beamsplitter included.

You will have immediate access to the smartphone’s functionalities that can capture and enhance your microscopic procedures at the same time as performing them, without occupying any oculars.







Custom Beamsplitter for slitlamps that don’t have it included

MicroREC ClickNFit requires a beamsplitter for connecting to microscopic equipment.

For the slitlamps where one is not available (listed below), we designed a custom beamsplitter which you can order as an add-on to the MicroREC ClickNFit.

Read more about MicroREC ClickNFit here.

Compatible Slitlamp Models

Marco: Ultra G2, G4, G5, G5-Zoom, M2, M4, M5, B2 

Topcon: SL-D2, SL-D301, SL-D4, SL-D7, SL-D701, SL-2ED, SL-7E, SL-2G, SL-8Z

Zeiss: 100/16, 20SL & 30SL

Woodlyn: HR3; HR5 or SL9803x

Elan: 3 & Elan 5 Slit Lamps

CSO: SL990 &  9900(LED); SL980 & 9800

Burton: 2000, SL-3MH & SL-3MZ, SL-860


Keeler: KSL-H & KSL-Z

Ibex: 5-Step

Nidek: SL1800

S4Optik: SL-Z3, SL-Z5, SL-ZZ, SL-H3, SL-H5, SL-HZ, H5 Elite, MW-50

If your slitlamp is not on the list, send us a message to check compatibility for your specific model.

Get in touch!

Please let us know if you are interested in the MicroREC ClickNFit & BeamSplitter SET or if you are interested only in a custom BeamSplitter for the MicroREC system you already have.

MicroREC ClickNFit BeamSplitter Distributors

To find information about distributors in your country please check our DISTRIBUTORS page or simply send us a message.

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