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Discover how to seamlessly stream your surgeries using Webex, a versatile video conferencing platform. This step-by-step guide takes you through the process, from creating your Webex account to hosting a surgery stream. Learn how to set up a meeting room that allows participants to join without individual approval, making it a breeze to share your medical expertise and knowledge with a broader audience. Whether you're a medical professional looking to educate or collaborate, this blog post provides the tools and insights to make it happen effortlessly.

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Stream your surgical procedures effortlessly with MicroREC and Zoom. Our guide shows doctors how to use the power of MicroREC to live stream their surgeries and improve patient care through telemedicine.

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You are an ophthalmologist that strives for excellence. You need the best quality images to get the best of your recording procedures to stream on your OR and save for future needs. How? Keep reading to understand.