Practice Management: Digitizing Your Practice

15 February 2023
Practice Management: Digitizing Your Practice

Streamlining Surgical Workflows with Digital Microscopy

Are there opportunities in your surgical workflow to improve patient outcomes and maintain your margins? Even after adapting your processes to meet patient needs during COVID, it may be time to re-examine your surgical workflow for ways to improve margins while elevating your standard of care.

Why Digital Transformation?

Ophthalmic surgeons face high demand and increasing costs due to a growing patient population, reduced reimbursements, increased cost of service delivery, and rising malpractice risk.

Digital transformation in the surgical workflow is a great place to start. Digital microscopy can help reduce risk, speed consults, and streamline co-management and record-keeping. If capital investment isn’t in the budget, there are now ways to digitize your existing microscopes and slit lamps.

Quickly Digitize Your Microscope or Slit Lamp

The MicroREC adaptor allows you to use the superior camera system already built into your smartphone to capture and share images and video. Compatible with 95% of microscopes, the MicroREC will not interfere with binoculars or your existing workflow; instead, it simplifies:

— Telehealth and remote consults

— Data management

— Documentation to reduce liability

— Patient education and compliance

“I use MicroREC in the operating room and the most interesting thing is its portability. I operate in three different surgical centers, and if I didn't have MicroREC, I would depend on the hospital to make these records. I take my MicroREC and put it under the microscope in seconds.”

Whether in a hospital setting, where residents may require a consultation with an on-call but often off-site physician or in a surgical center where parallel set-ups create efficiencies, the MicroREC offers an affordable and portable approach to digital conversion of microscopes and slit lamps.

The MicroREC optical system digitizes your microscope or slit lamp for seamless microscopy imaging. Shop now

Efficient Ophthalmic Practice Management

Given the demands on your practice, look at ways you can create efficiencies without tradeoffs to the preferred ways of working, installations that require downtime, or staff retraining.

Considerations for optimizing your surgical workflow include:

— Microscope Compatibility: Digital transformation without costly change to your existing microscopy equipment. MicroREC is compatible with the most popular slit lamps and Alcon, Zeiss, Leica, Takagi, Haag-Streit, and Zumax microscopes.

— Workflow Consistency: Parallel set-ups in your procedure rooms, operating rooms, and wet labs eliminate variables and streamline your workflow. Portable and affordable, the MicroREC system can be moved or replicated between your workspaces.

— Data management: High-resolution (up to 4k) images for every procedure, easily managed and shared through our MicroREC app, allow you to capture and share every surgery or slit lamp examination.

“Most available systems are expensive, difficult to use, and cannot adapt to many systems. MicroREC solves this in a universal and cost-effective way.”
 Ike Ahmed, ophthalmologist, in a surgery room
Dr. Ike Ahmed

More efficient surgical workflows are possible with simple upgrades to your existing toolset. Try  MicroREC with a money-back guarantee, or reach out to explore how it may fit your surgical workflow.

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